Kathlene Tracy's charcoal drawings are a culmination of an in depth understanding of human behavior and interest in art as a medium for expression that is able to transcend many of the barriers of other forms of communication. 

Her fascination with drawing happened as early as could be remembered.  Instead of gravitating toward coloring books as a child, the artist would use grocery bags for paper and draw endlessly.  She began art classes at the same time as beginning school winning national juried competitions and also pursued higher education for understanding human behavior.  Kathlene Tracy is a faculty member at New York University and was on faculty at Yale University both within their Departments of Psychiatry.  She has continually pursued studies and a career in both visual art and innovative approaches to facilitate recovery from mental health and addictive disorders viewing each pursuit as a compliment to the other.  She has been represented by three New York City galleries and has participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions of her work in addition to her work being in public and private collections.

Kathlene Tracy perceives art as an expression that is less obstructive in conveying an understanding to oneself and others.  Her works challenge herself and viewers to become more aware.  Typically her drawings are large scale as a means for entry.  Noted reviewers have commented "when the gesture of her motif is captured in the rendering of Tracy's portraits, one is caught in a sort of vacuum of thought and circumstance" and "Kathlene Tracy produces truly mesmerizing images of this delicate genre, with a deftness of light, a brilliance of gesture, dynamic movement and subtlety of texture within her works."